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Francesco Coletta

Asmeninis treneris


Positive thinking is the best winning attitude you can have

  • Bachelor degree in sport science and master degree in high performance sport: Strength and conditioning. Certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), Level 3 strength and conditioning coach (1st4sport).

  • Personal trainer from 2009, experience in the field of sport performance in 6 different countries (Italy, Lithuania, Finland, Spain, Portugal, UK). Assistant in biomechanics sport laboratory and assiduous attendant of international conferences and courses. Had the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the best sport performance researchers, athletes and coaches from around the world. 8 years of track and field sport (Sprint) in the Olympic preparation center (IAAF World Pole Vault Centre), national level competitor.

  • Personal trainer/ Strength and Conditioning coach for athletics, basketball, soccer, mixed martial arts.

  • It is the place where clients are not treated like gym members, rather as family members, cosy and surrounded by professionals.

  • I firmly believe that our will makes the difference between a bad and a good life. Sport is not just one of those things that fill life, it’s a state of mind through which we find out who we are and how to overcome our limits.

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